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Name:Ted Cunningham
Location:Winnipeg, MB cANADA
Message:After watching Romancing the Wind, one realizes what an amazing and moving art you have mastered. Thank you. Ted

Name:Andy Gonzalez
Location:San Antonio, TX USA
Message:Hello Ray, I too love to fly my kite, an M80 when I go down to the TX coast. I got started back in 80's and have loved it since. You my freind are amazing and gifted kite flyer. Thank you Andy, I love what I do and Do what I Love. (Ray)

Name:Les Morrison
Location:London, London England
Message:Dear Ray - - A friend sent me your wonderful video link to ĎRomancing the Windí. I was low in spirits through my motherís demise but your skill lifted my spirits and soul to another level of being through realising that human beings have such precious skills. Your skills are more than just flying kites. Your choreography skills are exciting and riveting. There is nothing more to say than Thank You.

Name:Kevan Woods
Location:Norwich, Uk
Message:Absolutely fantastic. Just pure art. THank you Kevan (Ray)

Name:Stephen Prohm
Location:Wauchope, NSW Australia
Message:Ray Thank you for the pleasure you've just given me. Having just watch "romancing the wind" including the music, I felt I knew what I'd like played at my funeral. I love the gentle, methodical manner in which the kites (engineering marvels) were parked. The symbolism was staggering and I now devote my remaining time (hopefully 30-40 yrs) to earning the majesty of such a beautiful send off. Thank you Stephen, I love what I do and Do what I Love, I have that feeling what you wrote every time I fly.

Name:Jon Fisher
Location:Aurora, CO USA
Message:Dear Ray, I was just forwarded your YouTube video "Romancing the Wind" by a friend and couldn't believe what I saw! You are extremely talented and your skill level is apparent by the way you fly your kites with such ease. You helped me bring back the nostalgia of flying kites with my Dad when I was a kid, although I was never very good at flying kites. Instead, I think I'll remember how you fly them with such finesse and grace. You have taught me that flying kites isn't just for fun; it's an art form. Thank you. Sincerely, Jon Fisher Thank you Jon and good luck (Ray)

Name:Lori Douglas
Location:Banning, CA USA
Message:I'm so grateful a friend forwarded me "Romancing the Wind." It took my breath away. I immediately forwarded it on to other friends -- they should "meet you" also, and see and feel the beauty you create. Bless you. You have such a gift! Thank you Lori for your kind words (Ray)

Location:NewwYork, NY USA
Message:Absolutely mesmerizing and so beautiful!! Thank you Colleen (Ray)

Name:Kim Trentley
Location:Stafford, VA USA
Message:Hello Mr.Bethell! I love watching your kite flying! Amazing! Kim Thank you Kim , Ray

Name:Ann Belair
Location:Reynoldsburg, Ohio United States
Message:Someone sent me a video of Romancing the Wind and you were so wonderful in it that I checked other links about you on the computer and watched the other videos. I don't fly kites but I would attend kite flying contests now if we had them were I live. Your skills are fantastic and I can see how much you enjoy flying these kites.

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