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Name:Frederika Shindler
Location:Woodstock, VT 05091
Message:Thank you for your expression of beauty and grace. You are a blessing. Thank you Frederika, (Ray)

Location:Springfield, IL USA
Message:Ray, you are just an inspiration! I was amazed as I watched your video. And I played it over and over again - then forwarded to others. Thanks for sharing! You are very Welcome Alanna (Ray)

Name:Julie Joynt
Location:Trinidad, California United States
Message:You are amazing Ray! Thank you so much for your artful flying - truely beautiful Thank you very much Julie (Ray)!

Name:Estela Cadario
Location:Cordoba, Cordoba Argentina
Message:.I watched your "Romancing the wind" few minutes ago and it made me cry!! so moving...! Where do you end to start the kite? Where does the kite end to start the wind? You, kite and wind seems to be the same thing!! That passion keeps you alive, healthy and forever young!! Thank you Estela for your very kind Words Ijust love What I DO and Do What I Love.(Ray)

Name:Dave Tuting
Location:Milton Keynes, Bucks UK
Message:OK, Ray, now I just have to add to my last entry. Just watched your interview and it has hit me like a brick. You really are an inspiration. The story of the kids at the hospital. How true that we should think of ourselves as fortunate with our minor ailments however devastating we think of them to ourselves. Your poor wife, having recently watched a TV series revealing the true effects of dementia, I can totally empathise with your thoughts on this and can only wish you and your wife peace in this perfectly awful situation. I'm only 51 (an absolute youngster in your eyes!) but if I can take and use any of your philosophies for the rest of my life, I will be eternally gratefull to you. Take care and keep smiling. Dave You are very Welcome Dave (Live Love and be Happy) Ray .

Location:Nottingham, U K
Message:What a wonderful video, so relaxing and peaceful in this busy world. Long may you carry on flying your kites!

Name:Eleanore H McHesney
Location:City, WA USA
Message: A friend sent me your video of Romancing the Wind. I am beguiled, enchanted, most grateful to be able to share in these moments of grace and beauty. Thank you.

Location:Brookville, in usa
Message:no words

Name:John Bucklin
Location:Collinsville, OK USA
Message:I saw your video "Romancing The Wind" and all I can say is wow! What a great talent you have! Makes me want to go out and fly a kite like I used to as a child. Hope to see another video of you flying again:-)

Name:Jack Wood
Location:Hornell, New York United States
Message:Nice work,Ray. My wife thinks I should get into something like you do,because she says I am higher than a kite most of the time, then maybe we could get high together.

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