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Name:Martin Bernard Beattie
Location:Basingstoke, Hampshire United Kingdom

Name:oscar tuazon
Location:Manila, Philippines
Message:Hi Ray You are truly an Artist and simply AMAZING! One of a Kind! Really enjoyed the video showcasing your world class talent! Thanks for bringing the joys the smiles to those who have seen your Awesome performance :)

Name:Barbara Downie
Location:Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland
Message:Hi Ray. I was just introduced to your kite flying skills today. Oh boy, I'm hooked!! Never seen anything so skilful before. Amazing! Many thanks for the wonderful entertainment. Wishing you good health and many more awards to come. Thank You Barbara,

Name:Ted Arunski
Location:Queen Creek, AZ USA
Message:I was in awe at watching Ray fly 3 kites in a beautiful sequence. All I can say is "wow" I want to come and watch.

Name:bob tristram
Location:staffordshire, england
Message:great kite flying was forwarded it from relative in south africa never seen anything like it. regards bob

Name:Margaret Placentra Johnston
Location:McLean, VA USA
Message:I was so impressed by Ray's performance, I wrote a blog post about him. I took it from the aspect of how an art like his has probably allowed him a form of personal transcendence, and has most likely contributed to his spiritual growth: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/faithbeyondbelief/2013/02/transcending-the-self-through-kite-flying/ Margaret Placentra Johnston, Author Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind.

Name:Diane Fisher
Location:Dorchester, NE USA
Message:Dear Mr. Bethell, I few weeks ago a friend sent me the link to one of your kite flying videos.I was so touched I worked it into my school counseling lessons. We've talked about what makes work meaningful; when "play" or hobbies become life's work, how you can combine jobs from two of the six career fields into one (you perform and have a site to buy kites)...the list has gone on and on. THANK YOU for providing me the hook that got my elementary students to want to look into careers. We have some cards we made that I would love to mail to you if you can email me an address. Educationally yours, Diane Fisher

Name:Charlene Morvay
Location:Lakeland, Florida United States
Message:Just viewed your amazing kite flying this morning and was totally blown away by the precision. I've never gotten a kite to fly more that 20 seconds! What you've achieved is totally awesome! Keep flying!!

Name:vanden-bulcke Jean-Luc
Location:sombreffe, belgium
Message:also a fanatic of kites . You prove that a passion can become a dream. Thank you a lot.

Location:Calabasas, CA USA
Message:Dear Ray, I was so impressed with your flying skills seeing 'Romancing the Wind' for the first time, I looked up 'Good Stuff' and was even more thankful for having found your story. You see, I needed a good kick in the bum too! Thank you for sharing your positive outlook on life and for your gentle wisdom. God bless you and keep 'em flying! :)

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