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Location:Montréal, Québec Canada
Message:Thank you dear Mr. Ray. I just received an e-mail from a friend showing you and your three faboulus kites on You-Tube, somewhere, with this nice music. I am working hard to open a house for persons who live with dementia or Alzheimer problems. I will keep preciously this video and I will try to get others like this to let them play in different rooms in the house. Because, just by seeing this, the life gets lighter and brighter. Thank you, Carole

Name:Vivian & Gerry Bethell
Location:Cherry Valley, ON Canada
Message:We just saw Romancing the Wind and were blown away! Bethells are so talented. :-)

Name:Joanie B
Location:Berkeley, CA USA
Message:Thank you, Mr. Bethell, for giving me such a peaceful moment by sharing your grace and talents via the internet. May you live long and continue to fly so beautifully. Be well!

Name:Steve Zimmerman
Location:Greenville, NC USA
Message:Ocean Shores Washington, Spring of 2000. My wife and I went walking on the beach, lots of kites flying, and I noticed a crowd gathered watching this guy fly. When we got close enough to see this guy, you Ray, were flying 4 kites yourself. What a sight to see. I didn't know who you were until you made the the news on MSN just a few weeks ago. I recognized you, and found your web sight, and absolutely was amazed at what you have done. I enjoy flying, but can only handle one at a time. Take care, Steve

Name:taff kingsbury
Location:lossiemouth, moray uk
Message:Nice one Ray. Your videos are amazing,you are a true genius of Kite Flying. Thank you Taff see ya on the beach (Ray)

Location:Eugene, Oregon USA
Message:You are the greatest Thank you Dave & Julie. (Ray )

Name:Derrick Genereux
Location:Palmerston North, New Zealand
Message:WOW!!! What an amazing coincidence. I was flying kites with my twin boys today and then I came home and checked my email. My mom back in Northern Ont., Canada, sent me this youtube link of Ray flying his 3 kites. What an amazing and beautiful feat. I've been an amateur kite flyer for a long time and I've never seen anything like this. If ever you come to NZ again, I'm packing up the boys and coming to see you perform.

Name:David Brittain
Location:south, Aude France
Message:Very rarely there are people who are exactly who they are and do exactly what they want, and well, to the GREAT delight of others! What fond memories I and MANY others have of you! THANX 4 BEING U AND SHARING!

Location:Poprad, Slovakia
Message:Amazing! You make long smile on my face. Good Luck to you and your family! Alexandra

Name:Anne Sewell
Location:Fuengirola, Malaga Spain
Message:Ray, your skill has truly amazed and touched me. Keep it up! :) With best wishes Anne

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