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Name:Cristiano Giustozzi
Location:Foligno, 06034 ITALY
Message:Ci sono uomini che costruiscono armi e uomini che fanno volare gli aquiloni. Grazie di esistere, Ray. There are men who build weapons and men who fly kites. Thanks for existing, Ray

Location:Gosford, nsw Australia
Message:Most days I watch your *Romancing the Wind*, it brings tears to my eyes, thank you so very much. Janice THank you Janice I hope they are tears of Joy and not sorrow, (Ray)

Name:Wanda Sheffield
Location:Olive Branch, MS USA
Message:Hi Ray, you are so inspiring to watch. After viewing the Romancing the wind video, I had to know more about you and read many of the links. I want to learn to fly kites like you do and I am soon to be 65. My husband always wants to find things for us to do together and I think this would be awesome. Keep up the good work. Happy flying, Wanda Sheffield

Name:Virginia Sawin
Location:Fredericksburg, TX USA
Message:You are fabulous - absolutely unbelievable! Thank you so very much.

Name:Lynn Zaritsky
Location:Mt. Pleasant, UT United States
Message:I just saw the Youtube Romancing the Wind video - simply amazing. So very beautiful. Thank you so much. We have a stunt kite but I'm lucky if I can get it off the ground, let alone do anything as beautiful as you do. Nevertheless, you have inspired me to try harder!

Location:Andover, Hampshire United Kingdom
Message:I have just watched 'Romancing the Wind' & had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Such beauty & precision, totally amazing. Keep flying & showing us all your skills.

Location:newberg, or usa
Message:you lucky guy..living your dream..I'm happy for you...ya gotta love kite flying...I found my love on the Oregon Coast...

Location:Clarksburg, WV United States
Message:Fascinating & Mesmerizing to watch. I enjoyed the "Romancing the wind" video very much. Thank you Ray .

Name:Henry Wegwitz
Location:Sydney, NSW Australia
Message:Dear Ray, A friend sent me "Romancing the Wind" this morning and I was absolutely amazed at your talent. I grew up in Victoria BC and have lived in Australia for 19 years. I would love to see you perform live next time you are in Australia. As your birthday is around the corner I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday on 2nd of Feb. Cheers Henry THank you Henry you are a month to soon it is the 1st of March. Cheers Mate (Ray)

Location:Bozeman, MT USA
Message:i'm a 50 year pilot, love art and music ... you've brought it all together ... what a gift you are to the world ... you're a blessing to us all! (Thank you .)

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