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Location:Watauga, TX USA
Message:I heard a speech today about flying kites and saw some of your wonderful flying! It inspired me to order a kite for my 12 year old grandson. I know he will enjoy it immensely. Hi Cindy I am sure he will enjoy it, in fact I do not think you could have bought him a better gift, Tell him from me Happy Flying, Ray .

Location:Chester, SC USA
Message:After a week of storm, political and other disturbing news, it was so refreshing to view this video tonight. For one who has never been able to get a kite off the ground, it was astonishing. Once I settled in to what you were doing, I stopped trying to figure out how you were doing it. Then, I thoroughly enjoyed the dance of the kites to the beautiful music. The clencher was the kite landing on the signpost. It glided in like a gentle dove Remarkable! You ARE an artist! Thank you. Nona THank you Nona glad you enjoyed it, also for your kind words. Ray .

Location:barton, vermont USA
Message:Thank for sharing your gift, talent and adventures in the air with the world. Just watched "Romancing". Breathtaking. Thank you Gary.

Name:David Roberts
Location:Delta, BC Canada
Message:Ray, Your dvd on Vanier Park to the Flower Duet was incredibly beautiful. The grace of the kites and the synchronization with the music was superb. You are truly an artist. Thank you David.

Location:France, France France
Message:Have nice day! You have a very informative site! And here's my! http://femaleorgasmporn.blogspot.com [url=http://femaleorgasmporn.blogspot.com]BBCODE[/url] AHREF

Name:Linda Edens
Location:West Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Message:I am going to try to leave a message once again. I just want to say that you make such spectacular symphonies in that sky of yours. Hope to see you out in Steveston this summer. Thank you Linda for your kind words. I will try and make it to Steveston. But Vanier Park in Vancouver is my bag when I am not on the road. Thank you again. Ray .

Name:Robert Powers
Location:Dunsmuir, CA U.S.
Message:We're close in age and I'm not one to sign "Guest Books." But the beauty of your videos, especially "Ray Bethell's Good Stuff," inspired me to thank you. THank you Robert, I am very pleased that you liked my DVDs, Thank you for letting me know. Ray . Bob Powers

Name:Marjorie Buls
Location:Gloucester, MA USA
Message:I'm amazed and was thrilled with your beautiful kite display.We watched it multiple times. We've always loved that particular music, and you matched it perfectly. What a talent. Hope you come to Gloucester soon! We have lots of wind!

Name:Saify Lanewala
Location:Reedville, VA USA
Message:Why is it that I have just heard of you! Your video "Romancing the Wind" should be on everyone's "must-see" list. A friend from India told me about this video, and I just sat there enthralled. I salute your talent!

Name:Renata Kohn
Location:Tubarão, SC Brazil
Message:You are such an amazing person. I got mesmerized by your hability of fllying kites. I get peace in my soul whenever I watch your videos. God bless you.

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