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Name:Sandy Grabill
Location:San Antonio, TX USA
Message:I just saw one of your videos where you were flying 3 kites! I cried - really! You have an amazing talent and it truly moved me! I am glad I saw the video and I have passed it on to the friends and family I care most about so they can see what talent you have been blessed with! May God Bless you always and thank you for making my mellenium! Thank you Sandy for the very kind words, which makes it all worth while. Ray .

Location:Cov, na UK
Message:Realy like your website, found lots of intresting info. keep up the great work. Will soon be back to visit again. Thank you looking forward it. Ray . All the best Jack & Annett. From England now living in Germany. ( www.dream-business.ws ) Ps: feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a link to your main website.

Location:Annandale, VA USA
Message:Ray, in this world of computer-generated perfection disguising human-generated mediocrity, I am particularly awestruck by the beauty and skill of your kite mastery. Thank you! Thank you so much Lizzy , I love what I do and Do what I Love. Ray

Location:Portland, OR USA
Message:Hey Ray, Wanted to say thanks for the DVD you GAVE us this summer while watching you at Long Beach. We love it! It was fun to see the Vancouver skyline. Hope to see you next summer! You are the Best! Julie THank you Julie looking forwrd to seeing you again in Aug at Long Beach, Thank you for your kind words, Ray ,

Name:Don Hamilton
Location:Central, Alaska USA
Message:I saw one of your videos flying multiple (3) kites. I loved it so much that I decided to buy three kites and give it a try while I can still get around(72 yrs.) Sorry to hear about your wife's recent passing.My deepest condolences. That is a great loss. THank you good luck with your 3 kite flying. Ray .

Location:Vancouver, Wa
Message:Your interview was inspirational . . ..and humbling when you spoke of the difference between losing your hearing at 60 years of age compared to children fighting for their lives. thank you for the perspective. God bless you and your wife Thank you Jim, for your kind words, my wife passed away just after the Video was made. Cheers Ray ..

Location:new york, newyork usa
Message:i am looking for friendship

Name:Katja Teske
Location:Edmonton, AB Canada
Message:Hi Ray, we had the good fortune to watch you perform at the Parkville Kite Festival. You are amazing!!! Our favorite part was when after you were all done with your kites, you saw a boy struggling with his new kite and you just walked over and helped him adjust it and gave him a lesson in flying kites! Keep going and stay young! Thank you for your kind words. Looking forward to seeing you at the festival in 2012. Warmest regards Ray .

Name:Anne pyke Ray pyke
Location:Goulburn, Nsw australia
Message:Hi Ray. I know you are in fraace and Italy. But hope you look at your site we miss you. Ilove your videos Will see you in oz. Emily. Says. See the guy. Anne & ray Hi Anne & Ray I have sent you a message on your phone did you receive it ? lov to catch up with you again, miss Ya tons, say a big hi to em and the rest of your family. Love Ray .

Name:Wade Patterson
Location:Kelso, WA USA
Message:Ray and Deloris, Thank you for your time and kindness at the Longbeach festival. I hope to spread a few smiles and a little joy with what you taught me. I have shared your video about getting a kick in the bum from God after going deaf with facebook friends. God bless you both.

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