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Location:sihanoukville, cambodia
Message:Your website is good . Thank you very much this website show you about bar for sale in Sihanouk ville, Cambodia . see you again from http://computerdesktop.info

Location:Parma, Italy
Message:Last year I promised you I would be in Cervia in 2011, too. And there I have been!! (Ops, sorry for my English...) BRAVO! : )) Good stuff Bravo to you also . see you in 2012

Name:Bobbie Thompson
Location:Thomasville, NC
Message:So glad you are staying on top. I'm 80, and a huge admirer of yours. Because of arthritis, I must use a cane--but am so glad you have kept your strength and agility. Thanks Bobbie thanks for the message and kind words, I just try and hang in there, remember you are on;y as old as you feel. Cheers Ray .

Name:Jim & Apryll
Location:Spanaway, WA USA
Message:Ray, you're truly an inspiration and mesmerizing to watch. Can't wait to see you again this year at WSIKF. Thank you see you at L.B next week. cheers Ray .

Name:Doug & Kim
Location:Ocean Shores, WA USA
Message:We enjoyed our time spent with you at the Ocean shores International Kite Festival. You have inspired us to practice, practice, practice. Can't wait to see you again. We wish you & yours good health for many more years.

Name:Claude and Penny Cruz
Location:Portland, OR USA
Message:Hi Ray, We just returned home from a business trip to Venice, Italy. We had the great fortune of deciding to visit the beach on Lido on Saturday, May 7th and were thrilled to happen upon the Kite Festival there. The highlight was watching you fly your 3 kites in perfect aerial acrobatics. Thank you so much for the treat! We are now planning to attend the Long Beach International Festival this August to be able to watch you again. Best Wishes!

Location:Arezzo - Italy
Message:I saw you today flying on the beach this morning and spoke with a lovely woman about you. It's always so amazing find you back in the beach of Cervia and even if you do not know me, just think that every year since 1994 I come back here to see you and your performances :-) Hoping to shake your hands sooner or later, I'm always there to take picture. If you look around, you may find me :-) Ciao e buon vento ( ciao and have always a great wind)

Name:Ivy Sun
Message:Hello Ray, I love ur demo and admire ur spirit, extremely looking forward to meeting u in China's kite event some day. To let more Chinese know u and kites and the amusement! just finished a post in china's forum to introduce u to chinese kiters. Hope all the best with u! Thank you Ivy, that is very nice and thoughtful of you to do that, I will e-mail a note. Warmest regards Ray .

Name:Sabrina Mazepa
Location:Ottawa ON
Message:Hey Ray, Just thinking about you today and wondering how you are. I still think of you often and remember how special you are! I hope life is treating you well. Sending you much love over the holidays, hope to see you soon. Cheers, Sabrina :) Hi Sabrina Thanks for the message that I look especially for each year, always lovely to hear from you. Did you get the e-mail I sent you ?? Bye for now, Ray xx

Name:Enrique Gonzalez
Location:Aguascalientes, Mexico
Message:Hello Ray! I saw the good stuff video in youtube.. and I write this: Thank you Ray for showing us that the love is more important that many things, to share that passion and give us a chance to think in all the lovely things you said, the world needs a lot of that kind of thinking, God bless you, It is a shame you are so far, I hope one day I can see you performing , and talk to you, I fly paramotor and paragliding. Greetings from Mexico Enrique.

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