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Name:Tony Dane
Location:GoKites, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Message:Hi Ray, Still knocking them dead, keep up the GREAT work, you are an inspiration to many others around the world. Thanks Tony, how did Portsmouth Go. Loved to have been there, See you in Dieppe. Ray.

Location:Yakima, WA
Message:Great spending time with you in Long Beach. Like wise Liggett, got to do it again. Ray .

Name:Karen Gallaway
Message:Just said hello yesterday at the Kite Festival in Long Beach, Washington. The winds were not blowing but still had a great time. I always enjoyed watching you "fly". Hope you keep it up for many more years. Thanks Karen, there was a nice Ariticel in the Observer on the Wednesday, See you next Year. Ray ,

Location:Olympia WA
Message:Dear Ray, I recently saw you at the Long Beach International Kite Festival and I was amazed by your incredible skill in flying your beautiful kites. I'd never been at such an event before and your presence at this one surely made it unforgettable. Thank you for sharing your talents. Hope to see you again, Elsa. Hi Elsa thank you for your message glad you enjoyed the festival, see you in Aug 2011.

Name:Loslo's, Bill & Roxanne
Location:Phoenix AZ
Message:Hi Ray, It was a great pleasure to be at Long Beach to see you fly in person! We have watched you on Utube for several years and meeting you and your team was just the "best"! Thanks for sharing your talent and love of the kites...we are only beginners. Thank you Bill & Roxanne, glad you enjoyed the festival, and good luck remember, I started kite flying where you are right now , just remember to have fun. Warmest regards. Ray .

Location:Parma, Italy
Message:Thank you Ray and all you kiters! You made me discover a new fantastic and poetic world, almost unknown to most of us. I were in Cervia last weekend and had a wonderful time : ) I am very pleased that you enjoyed the kite festival. please join us again in 2011. Ray .

Name:Gil and Vanessa DeDominicis
Location:Kelowna, BC, Canada
Message:Hi Ray, We saw your amazing kite flying at Vanier Park today. UNBELIEVABLE!!! It was the highlight of our trip to Vancouver. You're a great guy and an inspiration to us all. Good stuff buddy. When our twins are born, we will bring them back to Vancouver for a lesson as you promised! Thanks for the DVD!

Location:Vanier Park, Vancouver - July 24, 2010
Message:Hi Ray - It was great meeting you today (I was with my great friends Ralf & Sandy). Thank you for sharing your artistic talent. I will be sending you a separate email on the photos I took of you today. Keep up the great work... and thank you again! cheers, Brigitte

Name:Ted Joyce
Location:Vancouver, BC
Message:Amazing. You're still alive and flying. I'll assume you've still got a wind clause in whatever contract you have goin'. Thank you for teaching me to fly at Vanier. Without knowing it, your gift kept me alive, inside and out. I'm still lookin' for a hat like yours- but I know it won't have the same character for 30 years after I find it. Keep your lines tight. Your friend, Ted

Name:Nicole Broady
Location:Bremerton WA USA
Message:I saw Ray Fly at Ocean Shores International Kite Festival, I can't wait to see him fly again. Nicole.

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