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Name:Bill Eaton
Location:Kent, USA Washington
Message:Your flying is very inspirational, I enjoyed the video I just watched (several times). God Bless You Ray. Thank you Bill, he has so many times, Ray

Location:Clifton Park , NY USA
Message:Your kite flying combined with awesome music is spellbinding. Thank you for sharing ! Thank you Jude, Ray .

Name:Pat Raport
Location:Gainesville, FL USA
Message:I can only wish to see you fly in person...amazing...Thank you.

Location:, 0HIO USA
Message:I would not have believed anyone could do what you do without seeing it. The video is beautiful and you are an inspiration. Thanks for making my day more enjoyable Thank you Carole .for your kind words.

Name:Ruth McLeod
Location:Keswick, Ontario Canada
Message:Hello Ray. I just want to thank you for the wonderful video a friend sent me. I had just come home from my brother's death bed and was so touched and comforted by the beauty of the kite flying and the music. That is wonderful that you could find Peace if only for a little while,

Location:George town, Cayman islands
Message:Amazing talent! All the best of luck!

Name:Frances Temchin & Rick Bader
Location:Chicago, IL USA
Message:Saw your video at a Pilobolus show, they are great but you are magnificent. Absolutely amazing & so beautiful. You are a great artist Thank you Frances for the kind words.

Name:Frances Temchin & Rick Bader
Location:Chicago, IL USA
Message:Fabulous! Just saw one of your amazing videos at a Pilobolus concert. Who knew such beautiful astonishing feats were possible with kites? Thank you!!

Name:Bobbie Munger
Location:Southbury, CT USA
Message:Mr. Bethell...You are a true genius, and you make this world a happier place to be in. I try to watch your "Romancing the Wind" video at least once a day. God Bless You. Thank you Bobbie

Name:Jean Bowker
Location:Portsmouth, UK
Message:Thanks for Romancing the wind - it is wonderful. You are very welcome Jean I am pleased that youi enjoyed it.

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