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Location:Verona Italy
Message:Great Ray! Hi Marco see you in Cervia. Cheers Ray .

Location:Carlsbad Ca.
Message:Hey Ray Just a note to say hello. I no longer live in Long Beach Wa and have moved south to find work in San Diego county. I missed seeing you in Long Beach 2008 and I hope to see you again soon and Thanks for your support with my 2kite flying. Blessings from 2kitesam

Location:salisbury england
Message:Hi Uncle ray Hope you are well shelley is getting married next year xxx Hi Ally, thanks for the note I will drop you a line, Good stuff. xxx

Location:Richmond, VA
Message:happy Birthday, Pal. And I want to see you back here next year. Stoney Thanks Stoney, but where is Here? it will be great to see you again. Ray

Name:Chuck Smith
Location:Plant City Florida
Message:Good Going, Ray. I got your name as you were used in a wonderful illustra-tion in My Daily Bread June 16. Trust you know the Lord who holds my strings and yours. God Bless

Name:Chook Henderson
Location:Esperance Western Australia
Message:Hi Ray, I met you at the Red Bull races in Perth last year. Thanks for taking the time to have a yarn with us. I'm still watching your clips on the net. Keep smiling, Chook

Name:Tom Lathrop
Location:Oriental, North Carolina
Message:Ray, I'm a great fan of precision flying, but that is airplanes. What you do seems beyond human ability. Your choice of the Flower Duet to accompany the kites hits just the right theme. Like you, I've been around a while, 77 years. Watching you fly kites and talk about life reminds me that there is only the now and memory of other nows, now past. Thanks

Name:Manas Shaikh
Message:I just saw a video of your flying with Music at http://3quarksdaily.blogs.com/3quarksdaily/2008/03/romancing-the-w.html And absolutely loved it.

Name:Cathy & Gerald Homer
Location:Gympie Australia
Message:Dear Ray : My family and I plus friends want to thank you for your unforgettable kite performances you gave at the Coolum Kite festival a few weeks ago, we have attended this event for the last 6 years, but never have we been totally captivated as we were this year while watching you , Ray you are indeed an artist we are still talking about you, thanks to your lady who gave us your business card we have enjoyed going to your web site and read what people has wrote about you , you have touch so many hearts including ours, we also went to YouTube and have watched your DVD Romancing the Wind many times and each time I must confess it brings tears to my eyes, you fly with so much beauty and grace your synchronization to the music makes a beautiful kite ballet. Thank you Ray for making our day so unforgettable. God Bless Cathy,Gerald and family.

Name:Ruby Mansfield
Location:Brisbane Australia
Message:.Dear Ray Bethell. I watched your performances at the Coolum Kite Festival I was enthralled just like every one else that watched you fly, Your exquisite Kite Flying is the most beautiful , sensual thing I have ever seen , Thank you so much . Ruby Mansfield.

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