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Name:Allen Kao
Message:Sir, you are number one (ᣡ) That's incredible!!

Name:Daniel Garand
Message:Thanks Ray, very nice website, your flying is just amazing I will certainly plan a trip to see you in real in Niagara in the fall. Just started with 2 Kites and will try to copy the same type of handles that u are using if you don't mind. Hopefully I could upgrade to 3 Kites in the future but will certainly never match your finesse and smoothness of having my kites dancing like you get yours to do. Thanks again for getting me into kite flying. It was just a savior for me after my quadruple bypass surgery knowing that I could still enjoy some activities outside. Merci beaucoup ! Daniel.

Name:Dave Williams
Location:Los Angeles
Message:There are some things in life which are totally void of significance... ...except that they make you happy to be alive. Thank you, Ray.

Name:Teresa Artese
Location:Milano - Italy
Message:We saw you in Cervia this may 2008, for the 4th time, you are always the best! Every year we go to the kite festival for you, your show is wonderful. Thank you for all emotions you give us.

Name:Cathie McGuire
Location:Vancouver BC
Message:Dear Ray I have passed Vanier many times when you were flying but did not realize what a world champion you are. God bless you for sharing your art of flying for the pleasure of others. Cathie

Message:Dear Ray Just wanted to thank you for the most beautiful, relaxing, video. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. The kite flying was amazing and arranging it to the music was fantastic. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Keep up the good work!!!! Rose

Name:Steve Stemmett
Message:Dear Ray, I just wanted to thank you personally for the inspiration you have given me, just by reading the wonderful articles written about you, as well as the awesome videos of yourself doing ballet routines with your beautiful kestrel kites. Thanks to you, at the ripe "old" age of 50, I now have a new found passion in my life. Thank you once again for the inspiration you give to us all. May good winds always be on your back. Sincerely Steve Stemmett

Location:Montreal Canada
Message:Dear Ray, We met at Vanier park in Vancouver BC where you were flying your amazing kites. I took pictures of you and your kites and sent them to you via email. You then graciously sent me your dvd of the beautiful music syncronized with your kite flying. Still have it and am still moved by it and what you do to this day! Take good care, Cheers, your friend Sabrina

Name:Barbara Yoder
Location:Fullerton CA.
Message:Dear Ray, I am totally AMAZED by what you do...It hardly seems possible to have such a marvelous talent. I have seen many kite shows, however never have I seen one like you performed. The music associated with your performance is beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your talent. Barbara Yoder Fullerton Calif.

Name:Harold & Beverly Swift
Message:Ray; I just received my coveted CD of another of your performances. I was delighted to see that it is different than the one I saved on my hard disk. Also delighted to notice it shows a lot more of you on it than the one I have on my hard disk. You appear to be one happy camper, as well you should be. You are shown here in your element. I must assume we are looking at a park in Vancouver. It is a beautiful place. We went there once to catch the Inland Waterway cruise to Alaska on the Norwegian Sun. I can't thank you enough for the time and efforts you have given me in sending this CD. You are a selfless, gallant and generous person along with all your other attributes. I know how busy you must be. Sincerely, Thank you Harold and Beverly Swift

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