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Name:Davide Baroni
Location:Riccione, Italy
Message:I saw you fly in Cervia, and I'm still amazed at how young you are. I want to thank you for the sense of "good life" you spread around with your fly and smile, with your mere presence. Davide

Name:Phil Warfield
Message:Ray, You are an Inspired Artist. It is good to know that you are sponsored and are able to share your art. Performing for terminally ill children is a real privilege. Ability is one thing, refining that ability always requires great effort. I watched many of the videos offered on websites. I think one that I saw was of you with three kites. It was amazing but, the first Demo video: (close-ups, varied angles, panning, excellent contrast, clarity and purity of music) is in a different league. Your ART was captured dynamically. I have sent the link to all on my personal list. Some were unable to play it for reasons unknown (probably because their connection did not permit). Those who witnessed you feat marveled. Ray, I just watched the video ‘Good Stuff’. You sir, are the best possible ‘Stuff’. Now, the refinement of your performing is more clear in light of your professional background but, another question emerges: How can you coordinate impeccable Kite Ballet when deaf? Your handicap is an inspiration and, I will let everyone I know your dynamics and your amazing accomplishments. Should you perform again in Ocean City MD or nearby, please let me know. I will make every effort to attend. Warmest regards, Phil Warfield

Name:Harry Stephnson
Location:Nashville TN
Message:My daughter sent me a web link this morning to your site where I saw the most remarkable video of a man flying 3 delta shaped kites. It was the most remarkable video I have seen in a long time. Those few seconds of video brought me such joy and relaxation I felt compelled to write you and let you know. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Harry Stephenson gsm WAMB radio Nashville, TN

Name:Steve Matheson
Location:Jacksonville FL USA
Message:Dear Ray. Your Multiple kite flying demo with music is one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen and heard. I am a 5th grade teacher in an inner city school in Jacksonville, Florida, and I want to share your video with my kids. The trouble is that the only way I can see and hear the video is by linking into YouTube. I can’t get access to it in my classroom. Is there any other way I can see your video without going to YouTube ? Can you put the demo on your own web site or can I download it from somewhere? Thanks a million for every thing you do. Steve Matheson Jacksonville. FL.

Name:Leann Thiel
Message:Dear Ray: I have never seen anything like that before. I really enjoyed your Romancing the Wind video, It was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with the World. Thank you. Leann

Location:California USA
Message:I clicked on Good Stuff and then on Vancouver web site...and listened to this man's story..It is incredible...He is 80 years old...and not only can he fly kites..but his outlook on life is truly wonderful. He has overcome obstacles and continues to do what he loves doing..It is worth listening to a "giant among men" Am writing to thank you I sent this to all the people that I sent your kite flying clip to...it is such an inspirational story and I wanted all to listen to what you are saying. Both my husband and I are in the medical profession...and my specialty is psychiatry. You are living proof of what life is about and your facing your depression with the attitude it takes to survive in this wonderful way. Most sincerely, Barbara

Message:Dear Ray Bethell I have never seen anything like that before. I enjoyed watching you Romancing The Wind video of the It was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. Thank You, Leann

Name:mary sparrowdancer
Message:Dearest Ray: You are the healing message of my day when the world becomes too much for me to take. I watched one of your videos last night 18 times. I love you. What you are doing is what we should all be doing - creating love and beauty and more beauty. mary sparrowdancer

Name:Pierre Nicokas Renard
Message:Bonjour Rayon. I love going to Berck each year to the Kite Festival to watch the World Team Sports Kite competitions and in spite of the cold weather and strong winds this year, the Teams put on a great show especially the US Team Cutting Edge and are own French Tame Bird Team, but I was completely captivated with your multiple kite ballets, you are the Master, and just to stand amongst the thousands of spectators and to feel the enormous vibrations from the huge crowds that surround the main flying area during and especially after your beautiful kite ballets, the ovation is thunderous and to see all the people clapping and waving send chills up my spine and makes my skin tingle, Ray I only wish you could see the joy on the peoples faces and to hear there comments while they watch your multiple kite routines, I stopped by the Tourism office to thank the director for inviting you again he told me that you have already been booked for 2008. Merci rayonner du partage et vivre longtemt rayon Bethell

Name:Nancy Ortiz
Message:Dear Ray I saw your Romancing the Wind video on Yahoo’s site. I have never seen anything so incredibly inspiring. I didn’t know such beauty like that existed, it was truly amazing . Thank you so much for showing us how much fun we can truly have with kites. Nancy Ortiz.

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