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A Letter from Cathy

Ray touched the heart of a real fan.

My Dearest Ray,

I first saw you perform on 24 May 98 at the San Ramon Kite Festival. I had been flying single lines, and had seen sport fly, but had never had the opportunity of seeing a kite ballet.

You took the field, and you owned me heart and soul. To the music of "You are the Wind Beneath my Wings" your kestrels painted a love song across the skies above San Ramon -- and I felt, as did everyone there, that you flew for me alone.

The beauty of the music, the soaring of the kites, and the warmth and love in your soul, touched me so deeply, the tears streamed down my cheeks, as you guided my soul on a voyage to a land I had never visited before - I was in heaven.

Never before have I been so moved as I was that day. Just wanted to write to you and say...

Thank you, Ray

and I love you!

Webmaster's Note: I thought it fitting to share with you the following note that Ray sent to me along with Cathy's letter. It really shows the caring, compassionate person that Ray is:

Cathy did write to me a lot of times and I met her for the first time last year.

I did not know who she was or what she looked like, but she finally came up to me and introduced herself and said it had taken her 2 hours to find the courage to come over to me. The commentator was telling the spectators that I was going to fly a multiple kite ballet to the words and music of You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings.

I took Cathy by the hand with me to the arena and said I will fly just for you, I thought she was going to faint. After I had finished I came over to her, she was crying. I put my arms around her then I gave her one of my pins. She died a few months later, of what cause I do not know, but I do know that this really made her day.

To me, this is what it is all about.

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