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Dear Ray,

The Star I dedicate to you, is in the Summer Constellation of Hercules just above a most spectacular sight, M-13 an incredible Globular Cluster of Stars, your audience and fans!

Eta Herculis
RA: 16H 42.925m
Dec:38 degrees 55.257'
Distance: 112.1 Light Years

(Now known for those who accept this tribute, as Ray Bethell's Celestrial Star!)

The star is located at the shoulder of Hercules, magnitude 3.4 (easily seen with the naked eye) below his outstretched arm. The reason I chose Hercules was not so much for the fact that you hold several world records and have flown 21 kites stacked for several hours. But more for the picture of you selected for the 'Friends' section of your website. You see the photo of you looking up and concentrating on your kites, one arm outstretched and one pulling in, is almost a deliberate match, of the way Hercules is depicted in the Night Sky. It doesn't get any closer than this folks.

Paul Greenhalgh,

Kite Flier and Founding Director of the
Fraser Valley Astronomers Society

Inset photo of Ray: Copyright © 1999 Sam Eaton
Star chart image: Copyright © 2001 Paul Greenhalgh

Copyright © 2001, Ray Bethell