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Letters and Articles from Around the World

A Slice of Heaven...
A story written by Joan H. Lauino through the eyes of a kite.

Flights of Fancy
An article about WSIKF by Scott Driscoll. Originally published in the Horizon Air in-flight magazine.

Words and Pictures from a Friend in Italy
Roberta Savolini met Ray at the International Kite Festival Cervia

A Letter from Verdun, Quebec
It was sent to Ray following the Rendevouz Mondial

A Star is Dedicated to Ray
The Fraser Valley Astronomers Society honours Ray with his own Celestrial Star, Eta Herculis

"He Moved Us to Tears"
A letter from Dominique Petitqueux, Mayor of Narbonne, France

Into the Blue
A biographical story by Lindsay Carlson

Dancing in the Wind
An article about WSIKF and Ray written by Joan Brown for the News Tribune

The Thunderbird Two-Step
A true story told by Big Daddy to Ray Oakhill at the 1996 International Swindon Kite Festival.

A letter from Cathy
Ray touched the heart of a real fan.

Bethell Makes Nylon Dance on the Wind
An article by free lance writer, Kerry Banks

From Helicopters to One-Armed Kite Flying
A letter from Michael de Volpi about his amazing recovery

An Article from Charles (Stoney) Stonestreet
Originally published in the AKA Journal, March 2000

A letter from Alan "Pip" Piper
While visiting from the UK, Alan and his wife Ronnie meet Ray at Vanier Park.

Good Stuff!
Craig Rodgerson takes a look at Ray Bethell.

A letter from 13 year old Vicky Sturrs
Vicki saw Ray fly at the 1999 Sunderland Kite Festival in England

A Weekend at my first Kite Festival
Dorothy Jones sees Ray at the 1998 Children of the Wind Festival

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Copyright © 1999
Sam Eaton

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