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A Man of Many Talents

 Ray doing a hand stand It can never be said that Ray doesn't have a different perspective on things. Noting the subtlety of perfection and the beauty of craftsmanship, he see things that others sometimes never can.

Everything Ray does, he does with passion and a desire to do it as best he can. It's not a matter of impressing others or to build on an ego, but a desire to push his own limits. The results are often as impressive as his kite flying.

Ray always enjoys tinkering in his home shop, fabricating all sorts of useful things for his home or to use for kite flying. He works his tools with the skill of a master, machining metal and plastic on his lathe into objects of functional beauty. Ray has developed and made several designs of multiple-kite flying handles as well as building several kites for his specific requirements. It's a pleasure to see Ray take a discarded object and expertly recycle it into something useful. If you've ever seen one of his hand-made kite stakes you'll know what a great craftsman he is.

 Ray's back yard - click for a larger image Making things is not the only thing that Ray has a passion for -- he's also an expert gardener.

Not long ago, his garden was so spectacular that Vancouver's Parks Board organized yearly bus tours for garden enthusiasts to visit Ray's yard.

While working at Canada Packers as a millwright, the company hired Ray to work an additional 3 hours a day (after his regular 8 hours) to design and maintain the gardens in front of their offices.

 Ray's Home Office - click for a larger image Another of Ray's skills is using his computer. When he's not flying his kites or doing chores around home, Ray can usually be found in his home office working away on his computer. He uses it daily to keep in touch with all his kite flying friends around the world as well as keeping up-to-date with the kite community on the web. He's quite at home with a word processor or graphics program and is a whiz at e-mail and the Internet.

There are many other things that Ray excels at, but none gives him more pleasure than the joy he gets from helping people with disabilities to fly kites.

Wherever Ray is, or whatever he's doing, you can be sure that the people around him are smiling.

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