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Countries and Festivals Ray has Visited

Ray has thrilled people around the world with his mulitple kite displays. Check Ray's Calendar to find out when he will be attending a festival near you.

 Canada Canada

   Pacific Rim Kite Festival
   - Vancouver, BC

   Children of the Wind Kite Festival
   - Pincher Creek, Alberta

   World International "Rendez-vous" Kite Festival
   - Verdun, Quebec

 United States United States of America

   Hawaiian Challenge
   - Honolulu, Hawaii

   West Coast Kite Championships
   - Berkeley, California

   Northwest Regional Stunt Kite Championships
   - Long Beach, Washington

   San Ramon Art & Wind Festival
   - San Ramon, California

   Washington State International Kite Festival
   - Long Beach Washington

   Whidbey Island Kite Competition & Festival
   - Whidbey Island, Washington

   Sunfest Kite Festival
   - Ocean City, Maryland

   Pierfest Sea & Air Show
   - Long Beach, California

   South Padre Island Kite Festival
   - South Padre Island, Texas

   Kites on Ice
   - Held On Beautiful Monona Lake, Madison, Wisconsin

   Seal Beach Kite Festival
   - Seal Beach, California

   Rockaway Beach Kite Festival
   - Rockaway, Oregon

   Huntington Beach Kite Festival
   - Huntington Beach, California

   Wildwood International Kite Festival
   - Wildwood, New Jersey

   Ocean City International Kite Festival
   - Ocean City, Maryland

   Belmont Shores
   - Long Beach, California

   Martinez Kite Festival
   - Martinez, California

 Taiwan Taiwan

   Taipei County International Kite Festival
   - Taipei, Taiwan

 Columbia Columbia

   Festival International de Cometas
   - Bogata

   Yaripa Simon Bolivar International Kite Festival
   - Bogata -- This one-day event has attracted more
     than 2,000,000 people.

   Yaripa Kite Festivals
   - Medellin, Ditaires Park, Mi Rio, El Volador Hill, Santa Fé,
   - Cali, Santa Marta

 Italy Italy

   International Kite Festival Cervia
   - Cervia

 Japan Japan

   Uchinada World Kite Festival
   - Uchinada

 Germany Germany

   Family Festival Viersen
   - Viersen

   Grisu Familiendrachenfest
   - Titz

   Festival Luenen
   - Luenen

   Syke Kite Festival
   - Syke

 France France

   International Kite Festival
   - Envol

   Narbonne International Kite Festival
   - Narbonne

   International Kite Festival "Cap d'Agde"
   - Le Cap d'Agde

   Frejus International Kite Festival
   - Frejus

   Marseille International Kite Festival
   - Marseille

   Berck International Kite Festival
   - Berck

 Australia Australia

   Adelaide International Kite Festival
   - Adelaide

   Darebin Festival of Kites
   - Melbourne

   Whittlesea Kite Festival
   - Melbourne
   Emu Park Kite Festival
   - Rockhampton
   Gladstone Marina Kite Festival
   - Gladstone

 New Zealand New Zealand

World Wide International Kite Festival
   - Napier, North island

Auckland Domain Kite Festival
   - Auckland, North island

Christchurch International Kite Festival
   - Christchurch, South Island

 United Kingdom United Kingdom

   Bristol International Kite Festival
   - Ashton Court, Bristol

   Brighton International Kite Festival
   - Stanmer Park, Brighton

   Basingstoke Kite Festival
   - Basingstoke, Hampshire

   Margam Park Kite Festival
   - Port Talbot, South Wales

   Hereford Kite Festival
   - Hereford

   Sunderland International Kite Festival
   - Washington, Tyne & Wear

 Thailand Thailand

   Thailand International Kite Festival
   - Bangkok

 Malaysia Malaysia

   International Kite Festival at Pasir Gudang
   - Johor

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Sam Eaton

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