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Ray's Team Friends: Dual Line

Kite flying teams add magic to the skies. Following are some that Ray has close personal relationships with.

 Kite Team Phillipines with Ray

Kite Team Philippines
 Philippines Ray met this sport kite team for the Philippines at the very first ever International Kite Festival on the Island of Guam. Ray had a great time sharing the kite arena with this team and hopes to fly with them at more festivals around the world.

 Team Avispados Logo

Team Avispados
 United States Brian Champie & Miguel Rogriguez have been true blue friends for many years. They are not only a great Pairs Team flyers, but without a doubt two of the most inspiring individual flyers in the US kite circuit.

 Bay Area Sundowners Logo

The Bay Area Sundowners
 United States I have shared many arenas with this Team. Not only are they a great team, but great ambassadors for our sport. After successfully flying 3 stacks of 12 Hyper kites simultaneously, I was made an honorary 7th Team member.

 Team Postive Lift Logo

Team Postive Lift

 Australia It is always a great pleasure whenever I am in Australia to spend time and also share the Flying arenas with this great Team. They have worked very hard to be classed as one of the Australia's Best Sport Kite Teams and did a awesome job of representing Australia in the 1998 World Cup at Dieppe, France

 Team Keops Logo

Team Keops
 France This is one of the best known Teams in Europe, winners of many European Team and individual awards. A joy to watch, and true blue friends of Ray's who have shared the flying arenas in Malaysia, USA, and across France.

 Chicago Fire Kite Team Logo

The Chicago Fire Kite Team

 United States Established in 1986, this Team have been thrilling the spectators ever since. I have had the privilege of sharing the arenas "and the ice " across the US and Europe. They have competed in four World Cups and to date have participated in 120 kite festivals, they specialize in large team formats using 4 to 6 fliers. They are also the longest running sport kite team in the USA.

 Team Flying Circus Logo

Team Flying Circus
 Netherlands A Team and Pairs Team who are recognized all over Europe, it's always a pleasure to share the same arena with these guys, great Team mates on and off the kite fields.

 Les du Desire

Wings of Desire
 France What a great name for this superb 5 man one woman Team. It's a great privilege for me to share arenas at festivals all over France with them. Their team work is right on the money, they hold the spectators spell bound with their intricate maneuvers, it is hard to believe they do not compete, if they did I think for sure they would have the world by the bum.

Team Lasting Impressions
 United States This husband and wife Team been flying and competing together for 5 years and have worked themselves in to the Masters class. I have had the pleasure of sharing flying arenas in Southern California, Hawaii, WA, and other parts of the US with them. Fred is also one of my official set up crew for my Multiple kite Demonstrations and World record attempts.

 Team Eeeejan Logo

Team Eeeejan
 Canada and Australia Ray and his pal Dominik Jasper (who now resides in Australia) were partners in this multiple-kite flying team -- they still fly together as a team whenever they get together.

 Team Lung Ta Photo

Team Lung Ta
 France This awesome two man, one woman Team from France has been involved in Sport kite flying for many years. Now retired from competition but not from flying, they fully enjoy giving demonstrations at festivals across Europe.

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