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Ray's Team Friends: Single Line

Building and flying kites of all shapes, sizes and colours, these single line experts fill the skies with beautifully crafted works of flying art.

 Photo of Jock Walker

Jock Walker
 United Kingdom Jock Walker and I have shared kite arenas many times over the years in Europe and the UK, Jock is rated as one of the best kite makers in the North East England and is constantly coming up with new ideas. he has been toying with the Idea of making a kite of me and my kites for a long time, the attached pictures of the Ray Bethell kite will give you an idea of one of his recent winter projects.

 Photo of Jack Rogers

Jack Rogers Flying Circus
 United States I have shared kite flying arenas across the USA with Jack and his Team, and I am always amazed with the shows they put on, they are a "Must" for any Kite Festival, filling the sky with kites of every description. Jack and his team are also great ambassadors to our sport.

 Lam Hoac's Logo Kite

Lam Hoac
 Canada Lam has been flying and making kites since 1986, and started competing in 1988, he has proved him self not only a Master kite flyer but an True Blue Master Kite builder, his first place awards are a mile long, it is always a great pleasure for me to share the arena with such a talented person and all around Mr nice guy.

 Mikio Toki Logo Kite

Mikio Toki
 Japan I have shared many arenas with Mikio. He is a great guy on and off the field. Mikio is known around the world for his Tokyo style of kites, Edo-Kaku-Dako using Japanese paper and bamboo. A graduate of Tokyo Designer School with an emphasis in graphic designs and illustration, each of Mikio's kites tell a story. A beautiful sight to behold.

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Top Corner Photo
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Sam Eaton

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