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Ray's Team Friends: Multiple Disciplines

Single, dual, quad, or more, it doesn't matter how many lines these groups have -- it's all fun and exciting.

 Team STAFF Photo

Team S.T.A.F.F.
 Canada "Some Teams always fly funny" That said, there's nothing to joke about with this competitive group of Team Flyers. As well as flying as a Team, they fly both dual and quad line kites. They do all the latest tricks, fly multiple kites, fly Indian fighter kites, and are also into indoor flying and kite skiing.

 Gruppo Aquilonisti Vulandra Logo

Gruppo Aquilonisti Vulandra
 Italy The Vulandra Group was founded in 1980, and has taken part in Italian and International kite festivals abroad, it is well known for its high tech abilities and innovative kite creations, which has made them one of the most renowned Team in Italy and through out Europe .They specialize in all kinds of kite making and flying, from one, two and four lines, plus all kinds of single line kites including inflatable, you name it they have it - like their very famous kite train which is over three thousand feet long. I was very honored indeed to share the kite arena at the 2000 Frejus International Kite festival in France.

 Team No Limit Logo

Team No Limit
 Germany These Guys are great friends of mine. They are a group of very talented kite flyers, kite builders and designers, called "No Limit" and that just about says it all. They build buggies, trimarans, iceblades, sport kites, and trains, and single line kites of every discription. They are Sven Weidhase und Silke Foltmer, Oliver Stelling und Wiebke Schmidt, Volker und Christian Hoberg, Andreas Schmeelke and Ron Reimers

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