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Ray's Club Friends

These are kite clubs that Ray is either a member of or is closely associated with.

 BCKA Logo

The BC Kite Fliers Association
 Canada This is our local kite club which I have been a member since the early 80's, it is located in the heart of Vancouver.

 American Kitefliers Association Logo

American Kitefliers Association
 United States The AKA's sole purpose is to advance the joys and values of kiting activities to all nations.

 Australian Kite Association Logo

Australian Kite Association
 Australia The AKA is a body of kite flyers seeking to promote the activity of kiting in all its various aspects

 Brighton Kite Flyers Logo

Brighton Kite Flyers
 United Kingdom A great family oriented club, with the members working closely together for the common joy of kiting.

 Bay Area Sport Kite League Logo

Bay Area Sport Kite League
 United States This is a great club with a lot of super competitions and festivals lined up from March until the end of September. For more information about the BASKL visit their website or e-mail info@baskl.org.

 Queensland Kite Flyers Society Logo

Queensland Kite Flyers Society
 Australia I have spent many happy hours with the members of this unique club of down under kite flyers, flying with them on some of the best beaches on this planet.

 Poole Kite Fliers Logo

Poole Kite Fliers
 United Kingdom It is always a great pleasure for me to fly with the members of this club.

 Northern California Kite Club Logo

Northern California Kite Club
 United States Great club with lots of great people.

 North East Kite Fliers Logo

North East Kite Fliers
 United Kingdom Ray enjoys sharing the arena with all the members of this club also having a few cold ones after a great days flying, at the Sunderland International Kite festival.

 Richmond Air Force Kite Club Logo

Richmond Air Force Kite Club
 United States A great bunch of people who are not only out to enjoy kiting to the fullest, but also helping to promote our sport wide and far. It's always a joy to sit with some of the members and talk kiting over a glass of Patxarana.

 New Zealand Kitefliers Logo

New Zealand Kitefliers Association
 New Zealand A terrific bunch of people who also just happen to be kite flying enthusiasts.

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