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Sport Kite Pioneers

A few of Ray's close friends have contributed greatly to the advancement, education and promotion of sport kiting.

 Ron and Ray Ron Reich
I have known and flown with Ron since the early 80's. It has been an honor to share the same kiting arenas with him through out the years. He has inspired so many world wide to take up this sport of ours and many, in return, have become Master class kite flyers. Ron is the one that wrote the kiting bible Kite Precision. He is a true blue ambassador for showing our sport at its very best. Each one of us that flies and enjoys sport kiting today, indirectly owes it to people like Ron Reich.

 Dodd Gross Dodd Gross
During my many travels, one man that is always a great pleasure to share the arena with is my friend Dodd Gross. Not only is he a great sport kite flyer, but is known thorough out the kiting world for his famous series of dual line sport kites and training videos. Dodd has been offering his Flight School and Festival Ballet Demonstrations for many years and is always ready to travel, teach, and entertain. If you own a kite shop or are an Event coordinator and would like to invite Dodd to your festival, you can reach him at 717-244-3244 or at djskites@aol.com

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