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 T2 Comp Evo by Airdynamics Performance Kites

T2 Comp Evo by Airdynamics Performance Kites

104 in / 265 cm

43 in / 110 cm

8.04 oz / 250 gm

G-Force SUL

Carrington K42

3 - 20 mph

Ray's Review of the T2 Comp Evo

The T2 is a great kite to fly -- it's very precise with no oversteer and with 150ft lines has a huge window to work in.

I did find that the bridle was a little tricky to set, that is say for "my type of flying", but the average kite flyer would have no problem, I'm sure.

I fly the T2's with great success in double kite Pairs Team (each flyer flies two kites). The T2 is a big kite with graphics that are really pleasing, to the flyer and spectators.

Note: Ray flies the standard version of the T2. The kite is also available in Comp Zero (light wind) and Comp Vented (high wind) versions. Brake and cruise control accesssories are available. For more information see the Airdynamics website.

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