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 California Wasp by Miguel Rodriguez

California Wasp by Miguel Rodriguez

84 in / 213 cm

29 in / 74 cm



4 - 25 mph

Ray's Review of the California Wasp

Now this is Big Daddy's baby. In the higher wind scale, they are faster than the speed of light -- so precise you need to be on the ball at all times. This is one of the reasons people call it a professionals kite. It's definitely not a beginners kite, but after learning the fundamentals and a little practice of flying, you could easily be ready for the Wasp.

I am not into trick flying but they do every thing in the book and more. If you ever have a chance to see Brian Champie and the designer of the Wasp, Miguel Rodriguez, plus many other Wasp flyers in California flying them, you will be hooked on one of these Babies.

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