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 Legacy by Prism Designs

Legacy by Prism Designs

95 in / 241 cm

51 in / 130 cm

15.8 oz / 491 gm

Fiberglass and Carbon

6 oz Polyester

4 - 25 mph

Ray's Review of the Legacy

The Legacy is another great flyer by Prism. I demonstrated these in 1999 and also again in 2000 for hours on end at Long Beach WA. The Legacy is not only an ideal kite for beginners, but for the regular flyers as well. It is a very reasonable kite for those starting in Team and Pairs flying as the hybrid fiberglass and carbon frame with its hemp-cored spine, will take all the abuse that learning Team and Pairs flying will give it.

The flight characteristics of the Legacy are very similar to the Prophecy but it gives you a lot less pull in the higher wind scale.

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Sam Eaton

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