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 Dark Star by Airdynamics Performance Kites

Dark Star by Airdynamics Performance Kites

102 in / 260 cm

44 in / 112 cm

8.6 oz / 270 gm

6.0mm Carbon-K & Carbon-S

Carrington K42

3 - 20 mph (25 w/brakes)

Ray's Review of the Dark Star

I was the very first international kite flyer to test and fly the Dark Star, this was at Margam Kite festival in Wales UK which was held at Margam Park. To fly these kites in the sky above Margam Castle was a joy in itself. Feeling and seeing the results of technologies past and present, it is a very precise flyer and tracked straight as a die with no oversteer. Beautifully made, I flew them for many years and still do affectionately.

I am at the moment enjoying coaching a new Pairs Team who are flying them

It is a pity that the Dark Star is no longer being manufactured.

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