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 Speed Limit by Aerodrone Sport Kites

Speed Limit by Aerodrone Sport Kites

84.5 in / 214 cm

44 in / 112 cm

15.5 oz / 482 gm

Avia G-Force

1/2 oz PES., Cobra

5 - 25 mph

Ray's Review of the Speed Limit

The Speed Limit is the second kite to go into my kite bag before I travel into the unknown. You will not find me travelling without a set of Speed Limits. I am so very fortunate, as these kites, just like the Pro Dancers, again can save the day when the wind is blowing 20 - 25mph plus.

The Speed Limit has a unique automatic design that opens for venting wind in the power zone and then closes again when you are out of it. I'm always flying in control in those heavy winds to the amazement of many grounded kite flyers.

The Speed Limit is a solidly built kite, with great graphics.

 Detail of Speed Limit Vent System

 Aerodrone Sport Kites Logo

Note: Aerodrone no longer manufactures kites

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