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Ray received over 1,628 birthday wishes recently from kiting and non-kiting well wishers.   He thanks you all from the bottom of his heart. 

Here is an example of a wonderful birthday wish from Caterina Capelli


A many years ago a very special person was born in a faraway land ...
Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to know this person under a sky full of colors ...

Since then my own life has been enriched by the presence of an irreplaceable friend.
That person is you, Ray, and on the day of your birthday I would like to hold you strong and

Remember once more that on the other side of the world, there's a person who love's you so much!
With all my heart I wish you a happy birthday!


ALSO IN 2012 ... the word is that the guy that made the Romancing the Wind DVD is making a new DVD this summer.  Stay tuned for more.

In other news, Ray was recently given a tremendous plaque and tribute from the Mayor of Vancouver in recognition of the wonderful contribution Ray makes to so many people's lives.  Now, where is there room amongst his many tributes to fit it in ... hmmm...??

We have added a video page where you can view just a few of the more than 100 videos out there featuring Ray.

A new feature we are working on is a Photo Album of pictures people like you send in from the events Ray attends around the world.  If you have a photo to share, please click here.

Check out a interview Tim Parish did with me - click here.

My "Ray's Calendar" section is constantly being updated so be sure to check back often.

Thanks for visiting.

On the second last night of the Cervia 2010 International Kite festival in Italy, something very special happened,

Some of the World's top kite flyers and kite makers and designers were being recognized by the organizers, in the audience were the famous Peter Lynn NZ , Robert Trepanier Canada , Kisa Germany, George Peters USA , Claudio Capelli, Italy , Nick James UK, Jon Trennepohi USA, Malcolm Goodman UK , Bas Igbal Switzerland , John Burkhardt USA, Team No Limit from Germany and so many others,

But there was one, and only one, that when his name was called, caused the whole room to erupt in a spontaneous loving and joyous standing ovation that did not want to end. And the one and only person was Ray Bethell,

The outpouring of respect, appreciation and love for Ray was contagious, and there can be no greater tribute than to receive the recognition of your pears especially from some of the very best in the world.

When you see the Italian people coming up all day long every day of the ten day kite festival to have Ray autograph their kites, Tee shirts and to have their pictures taken with Ray, You think it is amazing to also witness his peers applauding him.

It was a magical moment I shall always remember.

Thank you for the memories Ray, Cervia will always be synonymous with you for me,

You could move there and be a Governor of that region, you are so very popular.

Good Stuff Ray.

George Paisiovich.


Well It is great to see Ray is still on the most wanted list

Ray has just received a full sponsored invitation to perform at the first International kite festival in San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily on May 23rd to the 31st of May and not only that they want to invite Ray to participate at a few preliminary kite performances which are being held on the beautiful beach of Montello (Palermo),on May 22nd, also many other local authorities would be very Honoured to have him in their towns and beaches on the 19th, 20th and 21st in advance of the 1st International Kite festival ,

Sounds Great Ray, “Knock them dead as the saying goes“, we are very proud of you, and all of your achievements ..


 Ray's World Adventures

Spending more than a month away from home travelling to the Berck Sur Mer International Kite Festival in France, and then to Italy for the Cervia International Kite Festival, Ray meets up with some old friends and makes some new ones.

Read more about the Berck festival...

Ray travelled to Guam for the Kites for Wishes Kite Festival hosted by the Make a Wish Foundation to enjoy a fun-filled weekend of friendship and camaraderie. This was the first every kite festival of it's type in Guam and it was a huge success.

Read about it here...

Find out where Ray's visiting next...

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