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raybethell.com Privacy Policy

raybethell.com is committed to helping you make the most of your free time on the Internet within a trusted environment. This privacy policy discloses how we collect, protect, use and share information gathered about you on our family of Web sites. We hope that this disclosure will help increase your confidence in our sites and enhance your experience on the Internet.

Kids' Privacy Policy:
We recognize the need to provide additional privacy protections for kids who visit our sites. To read about our protections for kids who are 12 and younger, click here.

1 What types of information is collected at raybethell.com, and how is it collected?

2 How does raybethell.com use the personally identifiable information that has been collected?

3 Does raybethell.com share information with companies or other organizations?

4 What choices do I have about raybethell.com collecting, using, and sharing my information?

1 What types of information is collected at raybethell.com, and how is it collected?

The majority of information at raybethell.com is offered without our collecting any personally identifiable information from you. You can surf Ray's website and view the majority of the terrific content anonymously.

Information You Provide

There are a few activities on our sites where the collection of personally identifiable information is necessary. Those activities include things like entering a contest, contacting us, or subscribing to Ray's Mail List. When personally identifiable information is collected, you will know because you will have to fill out a form. For most activities, we collect only your name, e-mail address, and your postal address.

Information Collected from You with Technology

raybethell.com may collect some information about you using technology, so it may not be readily apparent to you that it is being collected. For instance, when you come to our site your IP address may be collected so that we can track the number of visitors to Rays website. An IP address is often associated with the place from which you enter the Internet like your ISP (Internet service provider), your company, or your school. This information is not personally identifiable. raybethell.com uses information collected through technology to make our sites more interesting and useful to you.

What Are Cookies, and How Does raybethell.com Use Them?
Cookies are pieces of information that a website sends to your computer while you are viewing the website. These pieces of information allow the website to remember important information that will make your use of our site more interesting. raybethell.com and other Internet companies use cookies for a variety of purposes. For instance, we may use cookies for tracking your progress for some online games.

You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies. You do this through your browser (like Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer) settings. Each browser is a little different, so look at your browser Help menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies. If you turn cookies off, you may not have access to some raybethell.com features that make your Web experience more efficient -- like the features mentioned above -- and some of our services may not function properly.

2 How does raybethell.com use the personally identifiable information that has been collected?

raybethell.com uses personally identifiable information in a limited number of ways. If you contact us for help we will use the information to contact you. We use information collected to notify you if you've won a game or contest. Information we collect is used to send you e-mail updates and newsletters about the website. We also use the information you provide to send you raybethell.com e-mail promotions and special offers from our third-party sponsors.

3 Does raybethell.com share information with companies or other organizations?
We do not sell information about visitors to our website. However, if there is a value for our Guests, we will share your information or send you messages on behalf of another company as described below. We will also share information for security reasons.

Companies That Are "Helping Us Out"
Sometimes we hire companies to help us deliver prizes or other items, like a courier company that delivers a package. In those instances, we need to share your information with them. These companies are allowed to use the information only to deliver the product or item.

Companies Offering Promotions, Products, or Services
On occasion, we offer promotions -- like contest prizes -- in conjunction with a sponsor. We will share your information with the sponsors if they need it to send you a prize or promotional item. We may share your information with those sponsors so that they can send you other special promotions they offer, but only if you give us your permission to do so, and we will share it only with that specific sponsor. In addition, raybethell.com occasionally sends e-mail promotions out to our Guests on behalf of third-party sponsors. In this instance, we don't share your name with the third party -- we do the mailing for them. Again, we only send these promotions to you if you've given your permission.

Third-Party Advertisers and Network Advertisers
To help increase privacy protections for our Guests, raybethell.com allows advertising on our site from only those companies that have their own privacy policy. Once you've clicked on an advertisement and have left raybethell.com, our privacy policy no longer applies. You must read the privacy policy of the advertiser to see how your personal information will be handled on their site.

Organizations That Help Protect the Security and Safety of Our Guests and Our Sites
We will give out personal information as required by law, for example, to comply with a court order or subpoena; to enforce our Terms of Service, or site or game rules; or to protect the safety and security of Guests and our sites.

4 What choices do I have about raybethell.com collecting, using, and sharing my information?
It is possible for you to use most of our site without giving us any personally identifiable information. When you do register with us or give us personally identifiable information, you will have an opportunity at the time we collect your information -- to limit e-mail communications from raybethell.com and from our third-party partners. You can request at any time that raybethell.com not send future e-mail to you either by unsubscribing from the communication or by contacting us at webmaster@raybethell.com. Also, as mentioned above, there are ways to limit the information collected through technology -- though some of our features may not work properly if you decide to do this.

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