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Ray's First Time Achievements


Ray is selected as the first recipient of the Kitelife.com Spirit of Kiting Award. Read the story


Piggyback with 7 year old flyer, Justin Taylor, in Pinchers Creek, Alberta Canada.


A 1st for Ray! - Freefall skydiving over Oahu's North Shore, at 16000 feet. Read the story


Flying 3 kites standing on the back footrests of a motorcycle at the Sky Hoolie Festival in Salisbury, UK.


Flew three Kites Blind Folded. See the photos


Flew three Kites, 1 from the feet one from each hand


Flew four Kites, 1 from each hand, 1 from the feet, 1 from the waist


Flying 3 Hyperkite stacks with 12 kites each (total 36 Kites), Berkeley, CA.


Flew three kites out of a red convertible down the main street of the city during the Washington State International Kite Festival (WSIKF), Long Beach, WA. Read the story


Flew seven kites, 2 stacks of three kites one each hand and 1 stack of four kites of the waist, for the opening of the World Cup in Lake Entrance, Victoria Australia

Other Incredible Feats

Flying three Kites -1 from the feet 1 from each hand

Flying Four Kites -1 from each hand 1 from the feet, 1 from the waist

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