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 Shanti Logo

Shanti Kite Products
Over the years Ray has flown kites for tens of thousands of hours and has tried many different brands of kite line but stays with Shanti lines because they are simply the best.

Contact your local kite store to purchase Shanti kite line.

 Above It All Kites

Above It All Kites
Long Beach, Washington, USA

Provides Ray with kite bags, banners and other kite related accessories.

Above It All Kites website:

 Lasting Impressions Custom Kites and Accessories

Lasting Impressions
Custom Kites & Accessories

Lasting Impressions provides Ray with Line and Tail Winders, Tail Storage Bags, Music Selection and Recordings, and Gerri makes excellent Bloody Mary's for Ray.

E-mail: xterm@wheel.dcn.davis.ca.us

 Prism Designs Logo

Prism Designs
Seattle, Washington, USA

Prism provides Ray with Prophecy's, Legacy's and Fanatics.

Prism website:

 Sky Burner Logo

Sky Burner High Performance
Sport Kites

Plymouth, Michigan, USA

Sky Burner provides Ray with Pro Dancers.

Sky Burner website:

 Sky Delights Logo

Sky Delights Kites
Kingsland, Texas, USA

Sky Delights provides Ray with custom Kestrels.



Kite tails for Ray Bethell provided by Windependent--patrons of sky art.

Windependent e-mail:

The Kite Museum

Canada's first kite museum is on Pelee Island, Ontario.


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Copyright © 1999
Sam Eaton

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