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This is one of Ray’s favourites as it is a very special and unique International Kite Festival.

A premier event which is held on Asian Park on the beautiful Island of Guam in the South Pacific, to help raise funds for the Make a Wish Foundation for the terminal ill children. and Ray is very proud indeed to help and perform for such a worthy cause .

 Kite Power Logo

Steve McCormack

Ray and Steve have been friends for many years, and last year Steve became Ray's Australian agent. In 2000, Ray performed in 5 festivals and many kite club fly-ins, with 8 flights back and forth across Australia. Australia is without doubt one of Rays favorite countries.

Website: www.kitepower.com.au

 Ray and Neil

Neil Tuthill
California, USA

Neil and Ray have been friends for many years and traveled to many kite festivals in California together, a lot of them, Neil had promoted and organized. For the last 4 years Neil has been Ray's Californian agent and has done a super job in lining up kite festivals for Ray to attend, sponsoring Ray to many festivals over the years. Ray looks forward to working with Neil again this kite season.

 Brighton Kite Flyers Logo

Brighton Kite Flyers
Brighton International Kite Festival
United Kingdom

This family oriented kite club sponsors Ray to the Brighton Festival.

Website: www.brightonkiteflyers.co.uk/

 Claudio Carpelli

Claudio Carpelli
Viale Milazzo 92
48015 Cervia - Italy
Mobile: 0380 2552273
E-mail: claudiocapelli@libero.it

 Roger Chewning

Roger Chewning

Wildwood Kite Festival
Wildwood, New Jersey, USA

Ocean City International Kite Festival
Ocean City, Maryland, USA

Gerard Clement
Berck-Sur-Mer International Kite Festival
Berck North France/Vent d'Est,Vent d'Quest
Tel :01/44/68/00/75   Fax: 01/44/68/03/86

Frederique Riquier
Marseille International Kite Festival
Marseille France
E-mail: l

 Malcolm Goodman Graphic   Malcolm Goodman "The Kiteman"
Sunderland, United Kingdom

Involved in kiting for more than 30 years, Malcolm has been an active participant in the organization of the Washington/Sunderland International Kite Festival since 1975 as well as teaching kite building to children in schools.

Website: www.kiteman.co.uk


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Sam Eaton

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