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Ray's World Adventures 1999

Man, What Did I Start!!!
Repercussions from 'A Small Episode in Ray's Busy Life'

 I'm Fine, Thanks The article I wrote in the last issue of Kitelife was just my humorous retaliation to the joke that my friends Brian and Sharon Champie tried to pull on me last August at the WSIKF. I was amazed that so many readers took me seriously! I have received a lot of fan mail and love letters with assurances that they are not joking. Readers have asked many questions about the little blue pills (which I can honestly say, I do not need, but if by chance I did, I would not be shy about trying them). ;-) I am receiving so much mail that I am seriously thinking of asking the editor Mike Gillard if I can add a "Dear Big Daddy" column in Kitelife :-).

Over the years I have been given many great opportunities to travel this big wonderful kiting planet of ours... Lesley, my wife, has also been invited numerous times to accompany me on many of my sponsored trips, but she is a stay home girl, besides she has no interest in kiting whatsoever. In fact, she has yet to see me fly, other than on TV or video, but never has she stopped me from traveling the world. I mean -- just the opposite -- she encourages me to go! (One day I am going to pretend I am off on a sponsored trip... and then sneak back and see why she can't wait to get me and my kite bag into the cab fast enough. :)... But it goes without saying that she is very proud of all my achievements. We have been together 50 years in February and I can truthfully state ... on a stack of old AKA Kiting magazines... that I have... "Never fooled around"... Well!! I mean... no more... than... a couple of hundred times. ;-)

By the way, I would like to add that my wife and family, including my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, thought my love note article was hilarious -- a real scream to say the least, and I had to make copies for them to give to their friends. And you probably won't believe this, but my great-grandson bugged me for days to make him a copy to take to school for "Show and Tell" -- bless him. (He will be just 23 come April). :)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that has taken the time to drop me a line, very much appreciated. Here's one letter that really made me smile because it could happen to any of us.... and I quote:

Dear Big Daddy:

I have met the most beautiful and the most perfect lady of my life and I desperately want to ask her to marry me...but I have a big problem...you see I have just been released from prison after serving 15 years for numerous offences which I will not go in to right now,... my father died in prison after serving 30 years of his life sentence,... my brother goes on trial next week for manslaughter,... my problem is... should I tell my girlfriend before asking her to become my wife... "that my very best friend is a kite flyer"? :)

Signed, Worried"

Man, what did I start?!

Thank you for listening.


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