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Ray's World Adventures 1997

Ray Exposed!

May 25, 1997 - Parental discretion is advised...
(Writer name witheld for security reasons.)

For years, thousands of people have been capturing Ray Bethell's incredible Stunt Kite flying in picture and video. Of course, ordinary Kite flyers secretly knew that it had to be a trick or some kind of mass hypnosis.

Now thanks to a very talented inividual, wishing to remain anonymous, we have proof to show that flying 3 kites simultaneously in perfect harmony for over 12 HOURS IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Our photographer lay burried for days under a thin layer of sand, waiting for Ray to setup nearby. "I almost lost my [BLANK], when a kite flyer planted her stake inches away from my body... But I knew I had to lie still if I wanted to come up with the proof, I needed".

Under constant danger of drowning, he finally captured the picture that will change the kiting world forever.

The matter has been reported to the officials and we are awaiting a ruling in the very near future!

The only remaining mystery now, surrounding this "Grand Master" of Kites: Is The Tan For Real? Find out when we go under cover on our next exciting assignment in the dangerous world of Stunt Kites...

Here's the shocking proof:

 The shocking photographic proof!

As you can clearly see, Ray is not alone flying his kites! Through some kind of ingenious mirror setup he fools everybody into believing that he is actually flying three kites simultaneously by himself.

Rumours are, that a certain member of a Berkeley team (with a very noisy kite) is involved in the scandal.

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