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Ray's World Adventures (pre) 1996

Shanti Presents Ray with a Unique Donation

Shanti creates 10 custom kites for Ray to
use in another World Record attempt

By Dave Colbert

Shanti Kite Productions designed and created 10 custom kites for the 1995 World Cup, these kites were created for Ray Bethell to break a world record for kites flown by one person, using hands & waist. After Ray broke the world record the kites signed by Ray and the World Cup competitors they were put up for auction. Each one of the kites brought $400.00 or more. Ocean Kites and Ray are now negotiating with Shanti for sponsorship in 1996. At this years Washington State International Kite Festival Ray will have his own flying arena and will be giving multiple kite demonstrations also demonstrating Shanti products.

At the Australian National Sport Kite Championships Ray received a perfect score of three 10's. This is the first and probably the only time that this will happen in a major sport kite event. This is made even more amazing when you realize that Ray is completely deaf. According to the World Cup Head Judge Dan Buxton of Shanti Products Ray is the only person ever to receive three perfect 10's in any sport kite competition. The difference between 1st and 2nd place was an astounding 30 points.

At the World Cup ceremonies Daniel Prentice gave a 10-minute speech about one individual in the kite industry that has given his HEART, BODY and SOUL to kiting and never asked for any thing in return. After the speech Ray received a standing ovation and was presented with a custom Allegro kite with the Australian, Canadian, and American flag design sewn into the sail of the kite.

This kite as well as other 1996 World Cup memorabilia will be on display at Ocean Kites during the Washington State International Kite Festival.

We the participants and organizers of the Oregon Kite Makers Retreat would like to thank Shanti Kite Products for such a gracious gift and generous support. Without people like Daniel and the good folks at Shanti we would have a much harder time realizing the success that we now achieve. A Big thank you to Daniel and Janet and all of the great People of Shanti kite Products for their generous donation.

Dave Colbert and the staff of the
Oregon Kite Makers Retreat, 1996

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