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Ray's World Adventures 2003

Year of the Perfect Wind - 10th Annual Ocean Shores International Kite Challenge
Ocean Shores, Washington - June 7 - 8, 2003

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 Kites at Ocean Shores Man, where did that year go? I can't believe a year has gone by since I was last here. This festival just keeps getting better and better. There is no doubt in my mind that this one was the best yet -- especially wind wise. I arrived at noon on Friday. Ocean Shores was bathed in sunshine, but on the beach there was a heavy mist and one could not see the ocean, but I did not come here to swim but to fly :) There was a super 12 mph wind blowing which I took full advantage of and flew until 6 pm, (I would have flown longer but I suddenly remembered my wife was still sitting in the Van waiting to go to the condo, Man am I in trouble or what) :(

Each year I am given a beautiful condo to stay in called the Nautilus with a breath taking view of the ocean. The condo is so warm and cosy -- a delightful place to relax in after a day on the beach. The owners Robin and Dick Alm are super people and go way out of there way to see that you are well taking care of.

On Saturday, the festival the Wind God was up bright and early with a great steady 10 mph wind. I was all set up by 8 am. I could not let this super wind go to waste, and dozens of single line flyer must have felt the same way as it was not long before the sky over the single line arena was full of kites of every description and color.

Every competitor had more than enough wind to do his or her thing, and at the same time pleasing and entertaining the great crowds of spectators and their fellow kite fliers.

As always I was given my own roped off arena to give all day multiple kite demonstrations. A lot of kite flyers can not understand how I can fly continuously for 8-10 hours for me it is just a case of loving what I do, and do what I love. : )

The awards dinner was as always a great evening. It's more like a friendly get together and the food was great and plentiful. Oh and every one was after the peach pie which was all gone in no time flat which disappointed a lot of people, but I must say the 4 pieces I had were delicious. : )

Sunday was awesome weather and wind. Beautiful clear blue sky filled to over flowing with single line kites -- what a beautiful sight. I am sure there was not a single kite left in any ones kite bag every one flew every thing they had, this was definitely the best kite festival that I have attended at Ocean Shores. Thank you Jim and Monica Barber and the club members for sponsoring me, thank you Robin and Dick Alm for another super stay in room 208 at the Nautilus.

Thank you for listening


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